Zuri Tibby Becomes The New Face of Victoria’s Secret

20-year-old Zuri Tibby has become the new face of Victoria’s Secret Pink after being discovered at a mall in Florida.

Zuri was first discovered when she was 15 years old. She recently told Yahoo in an interview that before her big break, she was working in a café at a playground.

“I was walking around the mall after work and [someone from my now] agency came up to me,” Tibby told Yahoo. “They were kinda following me around a little bit. I was a little scared and shy when they came up to me and gave me their card. I’d never been approached and asked to model before, so it was a shock.”

Courtesy of Victoria's Secret
Courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

Since taking on her modeling career, Zuri has appeared in Teen Vogue, Interview, and Cosmopolitan magazine. Tibby will now star in all of Victoria’s Secret PINK’s upcoming campaigns and events.


A photo posted by Zuri (@angelzuri) on


A photo posted by Zuri (@angelzuri) on

No filter needed. Flawless!