Why We Need More Ayesha Currys And Less Amber Roses

In the age of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter it has become the norm for women to express themselves by taking provocative photos. The thrill of success easily becomes a possibility for those with hidden agendas, you know, the woman who uses sex to get what she wants. My intentions today is not to compare these two women or to say one is better than the other. I’m only addressing those who spoke out against Mrs. Curry.

In todays society women are often viewed as sex objects through all forms of media, whether it’s video games, commercials or movies this negative perception hinders any progressive growth within our society. Women are no tools placed here simply for mans pleasure, therefore most rebel and fight against this sort of imbalance as they should. Unfortunately this has birthed a new type of woman. A woman that’s easily offended by minuscule matters such as someone preference in clothing. Did Ayesha intentionally throw shade at a particular group of women? Absolutely Not! Her preference is her preference but yet she was still attacked for it:

Nothing wrong with either sentiment, right? She wasn’t lecturing others about their fashion choices; she was merely stating her personal preference and trying to start a conversation. She did that, all right, and found herself both praised and pilloried, with a great number of responses.

Amber Rose, however, is much different from Ayesha. She is a woman who displays confidence through her choice of clothing. Although her past may be a little rocky, she love who she is. The issue with Amber Rose is that many women who have followed her format only see her through a camera lens. Therefore, most aspire to exploit their bodies in hopes of gaining fame, while completely unaware of the fact that we coexist in a society where “sex sells.” It’s not Amber Rose fault she’s merely a pawn, but she represents something much greater than she may even be aware of. Our children are watching. Teach them wisely

What do you think: Did critics have a point in accusing Ayesha of shaming women with her tweet or were her words misconstrued? Let us know what you think!

  • DefenderOfUnchasteWomen

    All Black Media, shame on you! While Ayesha Curry clarified her tweets and said no one should EVER bash or degrade women that don’t have her preferences, you are doing just that. Your title is despicable. Women can do whatever they want. It is possible to uplift Ayesha Curry without throwing low blows at Amber Rose.

    • Bruce Wayne

      No, we need to throw low blows and high blows at Amber for being a trashy slut.

    • Wizedollars

      Yeah, it’s a damn shame if black people have standards, not having them has worked out so well over the last 40 years. Keep up the good work black feminists.

  • Chris Stead

    Fewer. Fewer Amber Roses.

    • Drew


  • ldub

    So the woman basically said that she preferred not to dress like a slut and people go nuts. Just speaks to where society is today, vilify a woman who speaks about being modest…And you wonder why sexting is rampant among young people………………………….

    • FatShang

      Exactly! !!

    • JoanIsNotTheMaidOfOrleans

      Well yes and no. When she, or any woman, says things like what she said, she gasses up sexist irrational males like you who think a woman loses human worth and is a “slut” for not being ashamed or embarrassed to show her body a little… or a lot. Naked female flesh is not some evil awful unnatural thing. We’re born nude. Calling women lowly negative names for showing skin or shape is irrational, cruel, unfair, and worst of all, IRRATIONAL. I mean, it’s a beautiful healthy human body, not a decapitated head. The mental process of looking down on a human (especially if it’s one gender more than another) for exposed flesh makes no sense and seems to be born out of possessiveness, a desire to control, and just plain bad brainwashing you’ve not been wise enough to question yet.

      • ldub

        A long winded response that basically says nothing……..Thanks…….for nothing…

        • JoanIsNotTheMaidOfOrleans

          Uhm… I said plenty of something. I said to be logical about nudity instead of irrational and sexist and cruel about it. You didn’t understand that? I don’t know why being kind and rational is so difficult for people. But maybe you’re religious.

          • The Nocturnes Ghost

            😐 Oh but of course, religious people are so irrational. They only gave us the Big Bang Theory, the university, made tremendous contributions to mathematics, and the fucking scientific method itself.

            I agree with what you said, but don’t throw shade on religious people just to point out some other fool’s dumb shit.

          • JoanIsNotTheMaidOfOrleans

            I wasn’t throwing shade on religious people.

        • Dondaddachris

          No your pea brain just didn’t comprehend anything

          • ldub

            You don’t look like you’re splitting atoms there yourself………..homie…

          • Dondaddachris

            You’re making a baseless assumption. I on the other hand can look right above your previous comment to see how little you comprehend arguments.

      • Anderson Dominique

        The issue Ms. JoanIsNotTheMaidOfOrleans, is not at all shaming women for their bodies. I’m a man that truly appreciate the female form like any other guy. But, you have to at least try to understand that there are consequences to every decisions or there is a reaction to every action. With that being said, the reaction for the actions of those who feel very comfortable that they should show off their bodies either in a promiscuous, provocative, sexy, revealing or in a scandalous way adds to a very big problem that our society have had for sometimes now. That problem in particular is, that our society is being driven more and more by sex than reason. This problem generated from the commercial system and has spilled onto our mainstream way of living. This problem has spun out of control and is creating many other problems in our society. By no means, do I want you or any others to think that I’m blaming women for this problem, what i’m simply saying is that this is a problem and we can either be a part of the problem or part of the solution. Now what problem women are contributing to by dressing revealing or simply “dress as they feel”? It’s promoting a degradation of morality in our society. It is generating a concept that women are simply to be thought of as sexual gratification tool for men. The irony is a lot of the so-called “Feminists” who think that those who speaking against that type of attire or lifestyle, is slut shaming women or giving control to men. But the reality is they are playing into the exact type of mindset and giving all the control away. We, men, in general would want you to have that type of thinking because it makes it easier to manipulate and control you women. You see I’m a believer that women are God’s gift to men, not the other way around, and like any great gift that has been given to someone has to be treated with respect and value. Woman was placed last on this Earth for the hard work and accomplishment of Adam, she was given to him as a gift, not as a tool, or a toy!

        • scubastevesucks

          Saying that women were a gift to men is still implying that men somehow own women. Or earned them. Or are entitled to them. The problem is, not all of us believe in a God that would create a hierarchy of being, placing men at the top. Many of us, and we are just as entitled to this belief as you are to yours, think the bible was written by a patriarchy thousands of years ago who ruled by violence and force, and created religion and the fear of God as a form of manipulation and control, to subjugate women (and really the general population) to weakness out of a fear that she might be his equal.
          And this fear exists because if a woman is a man’s equal, she is just as entitled to make decisions about her sex and her body as a man is about his. She can refuse sex. And men cannot stand that women have the right to refuse their advances. In the shooting in Santa Barbara last year, the killer confessed this was one of his primary motivators. That he was entitled to sex and he’d been refused.
          You want to talk about reason? Men historically have always claimed to be the more rational of the two genders, but men cannot see a naked woman without letting his lust and primitive instincts overpower his reason. And so he blames her for his weakness. It’s her fault, so she must fix it by covering up. Why shouldn’t men simply be responsible for controlling their impulses?
          Women are not more easily manipulated and controlled when they feel in charge of their bodies. That’s why it’s no coincidence that the women’s rights movement included our ability to make our own MEDICAL decisions about our bodies, without needing permission from MEN. I think men have less control over women now than ever before.
          You want reason but talk about God? That’s your problem right there. Religion is the death to reason. And religion perpetuates sexism. And you, sir, are a sexist.

          • Anderson Dominique

            First of all, I apologize to you if somehow my statements might have offended you. I personally don’t see how saying that women are a gift to men is implying that men somehow own women or even makes me a sexist! By stating that women are a gift to men is to promote more respect for woman, and for others to start to see them more than just mere sexual objects. We live in a world that tells women that they are only sexual objects, and their worth only lies in how attractive they are to us, men, and women internalizes those messages. They learned to see their VALUE being measured by how many men who wants to have sex with them. That is the primary reason why women dress so provocatively! Because of this, women would now enter into relationships as a sexual object first and a human being second.

            I do agree with you about one thing, a woman is entitled to make decisions about her sex and her body as a man is about his, where I will disagree with you, is that women and men are equals. Yes we are equals in terms of respect, but in nature by far are men equal to women. Women are the only source of life givers in continuing with our species. Not only are women are life givers, but also nurturers, lovers, teachers, and doctors. Who ever is the greatest man among us today, he first had to come from a woman, to be nurtured by one and taught by one before he could be whoever he is today! A man can never be equal to that! With that being said, everyone of us in nature have a distinctive and respective role to play, regardless of who you are, men or women. Instead of looking at it as women being “EQUAL” to men, we should maybe learn from the examples of the human hand. The thumb would never think that it is superior to the pinky, but it would think of each and every finger as part of being united to a common goal and that is towards the strength, development and success of the hand. Yet none of the fingers are equal in length, width, or height with each other.

            Yes we do live in a male dominated world, where in some cultures we, men, have subjugated women into becoming sex slaves and many other horrific things you can think of. Women had always had the power to decide what they want to do with their lives and bodies, (I’m speaking in regards to the western civilization). There was a point in time that a women would decide whom she would spend the rest of her life with, whom she would share her bed with, and with whom she would share her body with. Now, it seems that it is almost the total opposite, where women have relinquished that power onto the men to decide that for them. There was also a time that women used to be pursued, and a man had to almost beg for her love. If that was not power, I honestly don’t know what is! This is the first time in human history that woman are being measured by how “sexy” she is or how much of her sexual organs she is willing to reveal! And if she doesn’t conform to that type of thinking and reasoning she is going to be shunned by her peers for simply wanting to be more than just a tool for sexual gratification for men!

            Another thing you mentioned I would like to touch up on, “men cannot see a naked woman without letting his lust and PRIMITIVE INSTINCTS overpower his reason.” Let me ask you this question, what happens when a dog sees a cat? It wants to chase after it. What happens when a cat sees a mouse? It wants to eat it! Now what happens when a man sees a naked women? We are going to lust after her, that’s it! You said it, because of our PRIMITIVE INSTINCTS we are attracted to women and we are going to want to have sex with them. Our brains are wired to see this situation, a naked women to want to mate, with her. This is how were created, I’m not sure if we were created that way by nature or influenced that way by our environments, but that is just what we are. I’m not saying that we, men, does not have control over our impulses, but that is a fact that we need to interject not this conversation, for us to began to consider. Just like a message is sent to a cat’s brain when it sees a mouse it has to chase it and kill it, it’s the same in our brains that nudity from a developed female body, is equal to lust. Again, we have control over our impulses, but the fact is, that is our PRIMITIVE INSTINCTS!

          • Danielle Damas

            Dont empose your lack of belief in God on others, if it is not what you believe in and you know thats where the statement is based off of than just move on from it. If you think the bible doesnt apply to you, so what? you say everyone is entitled to their own opionion than let people exercise their belief in God in that same statement.

          • k

            speak that! I love everything you said!!!

        • JoanIsNotTheMaidOfOrleans

          Ayesha was in fact shaming women like Amber Rose to imply that she couldn’t possibly wear what she wears because SHE (Amber Rose) likes how SHE looks in them and SHE enjoys the aesthetic of her curves so SHE likes wearing fashions that don’t hide them. If Ayesha understood that, she wouldn’t even think to comment about what other women, who have nothing to do with her and said nothing bad about her conservative attire, are doing trend-wise. It’s like, in Ayesha’s mind, women exist for the titillation of a men and can’t possibly enjoy their clothes/bodies for themselves.

          And it IS shaming women when you say showing skin turns women into sexual tools. That doesn’t really make sense. Existing in a nude or scantily-clad state doesn’t make you a tool. It seems like you’re implying that men are not capable of respecting someone who sexually arouses them. You talk about a problem but never identify how or why it’s a problem. Our society is driven more and more by sex how? What does that even mean? Sex already HEAVILY drives all societies because it needs to happen to create new life. Nearly all humans are a product of sex. You think that’s bad?

          Being sex-negative and feeling ashamed about sex and the feelings it elicits seems rather unhealthy and unnatural. Men should be learning that it’s ok to feel aroused but to maintain respectful behavior. It’s not difficult and actually comes naturally until you start brainwashing boys about sex being an activity meant more for them than her where it’s a positive for him and a degrading negative for her.

          • coptic777

            The only problem is that Mrs. Curry (a title most of you are unable to achieve) never mentioned any one else but herself. That alone kills your emotional professional victim rant.

          • JoanIsNotTheMaidOfOrleans

            You’re not very bright. AC’s whole point is BASED on, and was made BECAUSE of, what she observed people who are not herself doing. How did you miss that? Kim Kardashian, a woman very comfortable being seen, not just scantily-clad, but nude, is also a Mrs.

      • Denise

        The thing about her “gassing up” sexists to think, feel, and/or say anything at all is BS. Those same men/women would have something to say had she dumbed her statement down the way the crazy people who live in the internet suggested… “Had she just said…” Um, no. That isn’t how this works. What she said was perfectly fine. I share her sentiments. I would much rather clothe myself appropriately as opposed to walking out my house with various body parts exposed. What really bothers me about all this nonsense is the amount of men and women saying what we (ladies) need to do to get a man. That is not what Ayesha implied. Do I think that women should dress modestly (and still be able to feel sexy, cute, fine, etc)? Yes. Yes I do. But this, for me, has nothing to do with a man. This has nothing to do with appeasing anyone else. This, for me, is about character, integrity, and plain ol’ common sense. Let me say that I am a believer of the most high, I am married, and I am 32. Obviously I wasn’t born married, saved, or 32, but I remember being young (middle school/high school age) and seeing my peers wearing certain things, engaging in sexual activities, etc. It honestly gave me pause because I was, in some cases, a preteen and what the hell do preteens know about sex? Judging from some convo’s that I heard back then… NOT A DAMN THING. I took stock of myself, my surroundings, and things/people who I saw on a daily basis. I decided for myself what I was good with and what I wasn’t good with. Of course my mom and dad spoke to my sister and I all the time, but ultimately I was going to have to decide some things for myself. i decided to wait to have sex b/c I didn’t want to be the girl who, during our junior year in high school, felt she had no choice but to hide her pregnancy the entire time. I didn’t want to be the girl who dropped out of 12th grade b/c she was pregnant (I am not judging these women for choices they made. They have both gone on to do amazing things and have grown into responsible/productive adults). I chose to clothe myself in a manner that I was comfortable with. I chose to do things that I was comfortable doing. Having sex and wearing next to nothing weren’t things that I was okay with, so I didn’t do them. Anywhooo….. It would be nice to see women clothe themselves appropriately, not because a man said so, not because other women say so, not because society tells us that we should, but because they love and honor themselves enough to not have the mentality that everything is for everybody. I’m not saying that when a woman wears revealing clothing she does so for the sole purpose of attracting a man, as I am not one of those women who think that if women like wearing sexy clothing it means they want sex. I don’t understand that logic. That is basically saying that she is asking to be violated.

        I love my body, always have, which is why *I* make the decision to honor it and adorn in a manner consistent with my own personal values.

      • Danielle Damas

        People dont get it, we all have the same body parts those who choose not to show it dont do so b/c they are embarrased or ashamed of their body. The issue is that these women who show their body only get looked at for their body, get sexed up, and then left wondering why they didnt or cant attract true love, b/c it is not with the body you attract true love. Then all these other confused women do the same thing b/c it gets them attention, temporarily, until the guy is tired of having sex with their body. Where is the defense for Mrs. Curry being attacked?

        • JoanIsNotTheMaidOfOrleans

          Covering up is either done out of shame, fear, weather practicality, or religious instruction (to be ashamed).

          And tell that irrational idea about not attracting love if scantily-clad to Kim Kardashian or Amanda Palmer or Beyoncé or Lady Gaga. The men grow tired of having sex with the woman’s body if her fashion sense is more revealing but not if she’s a bit less revealing? That makes no sense and is not true or logical to believe. Your diminishing returns view of sex with women is pretty gross. I love your irrational child-like belief that a ring on the finger somehow hinders his ability to grow tired of her body though. You’re talking about something completely different btw. How a lady dresses has nothing to do with getting “sexed up” as plenty of ladies having sex in adult relationships, then getting dumped, don’t go around dressing like Amber Rose or the like.

          In fact, plenty of women who dress modestly by Ayesha’s Western standards, get married, get “sexed up,” then years later, like an old car being exchanged for a new one, get left for a younger model of human female whose body the dude hasn’t had sex with a million times already and whose body hasn’t been “sexed up” and ruined to bare his kids already.

          Newsflash: Men can and do ditch their wives for younger (tighter) models all the time. I would not be surprised if Steph, like Chris Rock, did that very thing in 15 to 20 years. Not because he’s a bad guy or she’s a bad woman either. CR is no bad guy. But if your partner is more of a sexy reward and gender-roll filler than a friend, I mean, it’ll just make the difficult even harder. Steph will still be pretty young for a male, and will still be wealthy, and will still be attractive, and there will still be tons of groupies. The change will be that Ayesha’s body is no longer the newish special little treat she objectifies it to be for him because he’ll have been there-done that thousands of times by then. Perhaps then, Ayesha will finally be mature enough to realize she should have spent her time nurturing a profound and actual friendship with her husband instead of just playing a roll and objectifying herself to the point of using her body’s publically covered lumps of “good stuff” as some type of special reward.

      • coptic777

        You got all that from a tweet about how she likes to dress? You sound mentally/emotional unstable just a little bit.

        • JoanIsNotTheMaidOfOrleans

          No. I got it from Ayesha’s unsolicited comments+the pro-body shaming things her supporters keep saying (like the comment I initially responded to).

          ‘I love rocking knee-length floral print dresses in warm weather’ would be “a tweet about how she likes to dress.” Comments about her “good stuff” being for her man and preferring to be classy as opposed to trendy, implying the trends aren’t classy, is not merely a tweet about what she likes to wear. You seem too unintelligent to comprehend a person’s point even when they use straightforward English.

  • Sunshine C

    I commend Ayesha for being fierce , bold, morale, and modest in today’s society that ACTUALLY bashe’s women who choose to remain modest and keep covered up. To each their own on what they want to wear or how they choose to be perceived, but I’m with Ayesha. I love dressing modest and being covered up, however, in even doing so one can still be sexy and have sex appeal. I know this first hand as I love to be sexy and I do so even while being fully covered and proper. I personally choose what reputation I will have and it starts with my dress followed by my actions. I have four daughters which I am so proud of each and every one of them. They are very good girls. They dress well and decent, and to add they range from the ages 7 to 18. I have always lead by example an my home. As my daughters are FULLY AWARE the Kardashians, Amber Roses, Black Chynas, Bad Girls Club and house wives are not allowed in my home.They are personally not the women I want my daughter’s looking towards or selecting as an image to model after. We earn what we put out there. All those women appear to be hearted women and that’s what is beautiful about them but their choice of lifestyle is for them and does not fit in the reality of what benefits young girls. And, that is respect, dignity, honor as far as image goes.
    So Go Ayesha!!!! You rock!!!

    • Guest

      Oh please, she married an athlete and has a recipe blog. How does that make her fierce and bold?

      • Bruce Wayne

        Thank you. People love to trump up these h0es like they’re actually doing something worthwhile toward the advancement of society. It doesn’t take much to spread your legs and get knocked up. Hardly “fierce and bold”.

        • The Nocturnes Ghost

          Why does anybody need to be fierce and bold at all? That’s a pretty arrogant approach, to suggest that everyone needs to do something to for the advancement of society. Pray tell, what qualifies you to even be an arbiter to decide on what is worthwhile to the advancement of society, and what useful thing are you personally doing?

  • Tangie McVay Seay

    A woman can dress however she wants to dress. It’s her body. Ayesha Curry is beautiful, Amber Rose is beautiful. They both know they’re beautiful. What’s the problem?

    • Tangie McVay Seay

      The word “sellout” doesn’t have anything to do with my comment, though…

      • Tangie McVay Seay

        No it doesn’t. It speaks volumes on the temperature the day I took that picture and how much I detest bad grammar use in a professional setting…ijs

        • Tangie McVay Seay

          I believe they have a comments section so people can leave comments…
          On that note, you’re dismissed. Have a fantastic day!

    • donibree

      What I’m trying to understand is why this Tyson person is so mad…

      • Tangie McVay Seay

        Me too!

      • Tangie McVay Seay

        My previous comment said that journalists should know how to use the apostrophe. I still don’t know why he’s so mad…

        • Tangie McVay Seay

          Me too! Don’t you just hate it when people misuse the apostrophe?

          • Tangie McVay Seay

            No, I deleted it because I didn’t want to post too many comments and come across as a troll…
            You should consider following my lead.

    • donibree

      Ah I see. I’ll “C” my way out of this conversation.

      • Tangie McVay Seay


  • Lily

    I really don’t think what Ayesha said was offensive but I also don’t think people should be shamming Amber Rose because she feels comfortable in her body and wants to flaunt it. She did that slut walk to bring attention to sexual assault and rape. Amber Rose is using her platform for something she care greatly about and I don’t know why people wanna constantly put her down. What she does with her body doe snot affect anyone. Why do we feel the need to pin women against each other like this and call each other names?? They are both happy and successful in their own right; people need to worry about themselves.

  • Lady Sagacity

    Both have their own reasons for choosing what they stand for. Neither Amber or Ayesha should be condemned. In fact, deviance in society is based upon whomever is judging it anyway: Some audiences will agree with Ayeesha’s values, and some will favor Amber’s. Both ladies are voices for the people they are meant to impact, whether we agree with it or not. Why am I even responding to this? Bored I guess. I enjoyed reading the many responses.

  • Champion212

    Reading is fundamentally and having the smarts to read and comprehend is even better.
    For the person who said they could not help but to think about the goods one finds in a market when Ayesha Curry mentioned she rather keep the good stuff covered up.
    Goods – merchandise
    Good stuff – woman’s worth

    Another person wrote that Ayesha Curry needs to uplift women rather than throw low blows at Amber Rose..

    Where did she throw low blows at Amber Rose? Which btw, would not be totally wrong!

    The wrter for this piece was drawing a comparison as to what Ayesha Curry preferred and got attacked vs what Amber Rose does and it being accepted.

    Learn to respest yourselves more, leave something for the imagination women and men would respect you more.

    • disqus_vo9S9adtzT

      The low blow was thrown when this article was written about two women with opposing views who have nothing to do with the other. Specifically that we need “less Amber Roses” which the article justified by talking about the lack of clothing and her career choice.

      Reading is fundamental, but so is comprehension. Both types of women can indeed coexist rightfully.

    • Guest

      Woman’s good stuff = Her soul. Mother Theresa’s Good Stuff wasn’t her body. It was her soul. Your breasts and vagina and ass isn’t what makes you good. It’s just flesh.

  • Lewis Insight Rhymes

    A good woman, with morals, a very rare thing nowadays! Others should wish they had self respect like this lady does.

  • Baemie St. Patrick

    Neither woman deserves a cookie or a bashing. They both have their place in this vast, vast world.

  • Gray Light

    Sorry but the women who responded are 100% correct. Our bodies/parts aren’t “goods”. The whole “let me show you all how morally superior/respectable/chaste I am by distinguishing myself from people who make different style/clothing choices than I do” is so tired. Who gives a f? Wear whatever you want.

  • Devin

    Amber Rose would say that her lifestyle is contributing to society. That barring her skin and skimpy clothing is showing girls that they shouldn’t be shamed into what they should wear. The thing is, society doesn’t thrive off of that.

    • M

      There’s a difference between a “girl” and a “woman”. Why in the world would you want to show girls that it’s OK to faunt your body for attention? Because at the end of the day, that’s exactly why some women do it whether you want to believe it or not. It’s human nature for people to want to be accepted by others and for women who like Amber Rose used her body to gain the fame she has now PERIOD! Anyone who contests that is just a biased fan. I didn’t see anything wrong with Ayesha’s statement and she didn’t label all women either. She simply stated her preferences and she should be allowed to without people attacking her. Frankly I’m not even surprised at the comments from the women. It’s a proven fact that women can not and will not ever get along. It’s a damn shame.

  • BossLaiy

    Definitely misconstrued. She was simply saying she herself prefers to only show her husband her body, which I agree. I mean a picture in a bathing suit or tight outfit isn’t you being a hoe, but a lot of these girls today she girls with big butts and titts posted on IG and aspire to look like that. Always remember someone younger than you is watching you, be a role model so we don’t have the next generation not going to schools and being strippers/IG models.

  • Emmani Brown

    This is so unnecessary. I admire both Ayesha and Amber. Both deserve respect

  • Mulah

    I really want people to sit down with an pen and paper and write down how many Ambers they know and how many Ayeshas they know. Personally. Of course there is a group of women who are using their bodies to get ahead; we all know this. Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. Black women lead ALL GROUPS in college enrollment. Ayesha Curry is part of the majority of Black women and not the minority. She’s a beautiful woman and I totally agree with her clothing choices but she is not an anomaly. They fact that people can see Amber when they speak on Black women and Ayesha is this diamond in the ruff is really telling on how our OWN people view Black women. Men and women alike.

    • Guest

      Exactly, I am so over people pretending that every other black woman is a loose hoochie ALL EXCEPT for them. We are all regular people I am so tired of these false narratives to prove points. You don’t have to make me, and my people into listless whores in order to feel like a special lady.

    • Bruce Wayne

      Lol. Who cares about college enrollment. Check the graduation rates and check what they’re graduating in. It’s abysmal. Social sciences isn’t really much.

      • Mulah

        A lot of people care about college enrollment and female black graduates greatly outweigh black male graduates. Don’t come for us. Furthermore, social sciences still require a certain type of dress and those women are STILL individual contributors in the workforce. I am an electrical engineer. All of my peers are women who are engineers and black STEM female graduates are increasing in number every year. Look it up. There is diversity in our graduates. We don’t need you to come here and invalidate our strides and accomplishments. FOH.

        • Bruce Wayne

          Read again, genius. The graduation rates in comparison to the enrollment rates is abysmal. I’m talking about the dropout rate or maybe that’s too difficult for you to comprehend.

          • Mulah

            This genius doesn’t need to read again because its not difficult to comprehend whatsoever but I will help you.

            1) College enrollment is important. People care about it.

            2) Even with the graduation rates being different from the enrollment rates (because of women deciding they no longer want to persue a college degree) we still outnumber our counter part greatly in graduation rates so we are still doing better then the men who are steady finding reasons to down us (like you).

            3) Now, speaking to the women who do graduate at higher rates than their counterparts or who decide not to persue a college degree the point still remains (from my first comment) and you knocking Black women for whatever reason you want to find or create will not change that. There are more Ayeshas and less Ambers.

          • Bruce Wayne

            College enrollment only matters to colleges who are trying to get their numbers up so that they can collect more allocation from the feds. It means nothing to the dropout who is saddled with debt.

            Yes, black women are going to college in droves but the numbers aren’t good when you look at STEM degrees. In fact, the past year saw a lower number of black women graduating with STEM degrees compared to the year before that DESPITE the high number of enrollment.

            For an example, look at the data from the National Science Foundation: http://www(dot)nsf(dot)gov/statistics/2016/nsf16300/data/tab21.pdf (Replace the dots).

            There was a drop in black female MD degrees last year in comparison to the year before.

            Anyone can go to college so your leading statement of black women leading college enrollment doesn’t mean anything when you look at the dropout rates or what they’re actually graduating in.

  • SAR


  • wondercube

    I think everyone should get a life. Let women dress modestly, let women dress provocatively – who cares? Show off however much/little you want, ladies.

  • Let’s put it like this Ayesha Curry is a breath of fresh air in the look at me everybody is a model age, and it’s no surprise she’s married and by all appearances happy. Maybe she has a point. Personally I love a woman in a business suit nothing sexier.

  • Broomy

    Im not sure why the title reads as it does….This woman is stating her PERSONAL preference in dress, as Amber Rose states hers…why are these two women pitted against each other? Both have their place in this world.

  • Megan G.

    The grammar in this article is horrific. How can you call yourself a writer?

  • Clarence Saizon

    I can’t believe the number of women here defending the way some women exploit themselves sexually. And then we wonder why our kids act the way they do? The adult mothers apparently don’t even know better! Showing your body doesn’t make you a woman. Back in the day we called a lady a lady and a “ho” a “ho”. If you didn’t want to be called a “ho” or slut, you didn’t dress like one! That’s not shaming. That’s telling it like it is! Kudos to Mrs. Curry!

    • Guest

      You cannot believe that women don’t want to go around pointing at women calling some ladies and some hoes? Sorry, we are too busy educating ourselves, being engineers, being astronauts, being directors, writers, Emmy and Oscar winners, lawyers and First Ladies to sit around and be petty and judgmental and point fingers. Stereotyping is the past time of the ignorant, we have no time to be cruel to people based on what they wear. We aren’t in the 12th grade anymore….we have better things to do. Perhaps Ms. Curry should focus on a fulfilling career instead of policing other women’s bodies.

      • Menma

        Real professional & educated women don’t go around looking like they work the corners.

        • Guest

          Only fools base worth on what people wear. We base worth on who people are…..you’re no better than George Zimmerman, you probably thought that hood thug had no business wearing a n*gger hoodie.

          • Menma

            No try again

          • Guest

            There’s nothing to try. It’s obvious you aren’t a good or worthy person by what you say, and no amount of clothing will erase how low class you are.

          • Menma

            I’m not a good or worthy person by what I said? Low class? Really? Ha, you have no facts to back up your claim. Nothing I said did you intelligently discredit. So like I said, try again.

  • Guest

    But we do have more clothed women. How common is it for anyone to be string bikinied up all the time? Most of the black women population is just a regular fully clothed girls with regular jobs and regular lives. Don’t create a false narrative just to prove a point. Women like this are no better than cops that call black men thugs. Playing this *Black women are just so slutty accept for me* sh*t, no we are all just regular people stop trying to push the idea that we are sorry and lost and garbage…..everyone accept YOU of course. For every black woman who reads this, ignore women like this and the men who support this behavior. There’s nothing wrong with you. Its obvious the majority of us clothe ourselves in Target and JC Penneys and Macy’s regular fashions……people who pretend black women are just sluts and awful people based on a few bikini models are just insecure. I admire white women, they understand some women are Victoria Secret models in undies, some are lawyers in suits, and everything in between, and it’s okay we don’t all have to dress the same. Some of our people are as simple as Donald Trump supporters.

  • Lawrence Jones

    Wifey:WHAT THE HELL!!! ARE Y’ALL SERIOUS! Amber Rose is not someone I find respectable. she’s pretty and all but that’s it. The standards of this day and age has suffered tremendously. I have never made a twerk video or pose nude or even half nude for the net and I’m 22. I’m very confident in my looks. So that’s not the reason. We need better role models and I’m going to be one for my daughter so she’s not sexting boys at 15 and sending nudes. And she meant goods like when Ciara said “not my goodies.” But that’s ok for one person to say but not the other. *not bashing ciara*. Yall focus on one part and miss the whole message. What has the world come to. Yall ignorant because yall choose to be. Do your thing Curry, some of us still watching you. Appreciate you girl.

    • GSF

      I find it respectable that Amber is using her celebrity platform to fight for women’s rights. This article misrepresented what the Slut Walk was all about; it wasn’t just her whining about her “perceived promiscuity, and how it affected her relationships with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.” It was a call-to-arms for women who have suffered from sexual abuse, rape, etc. & raised $55,000 for the cause.
      Ayesha’s doing her. It’s all good. She didn’t say anything wrong, but it shouldn’t be Ayesha VS. Amber. They’re both good, respectable mothers

  • ldub

    Nobody asked you MORON…well that’s what yo mamma,calls you…..

  • Sukita

    Why would Kim Kardashians bash Amber Rose? Have folks forgot she did a nude spread. Twice. S.dennis01@yahoo.com

  • Patricia

    I’m not sure if this is a feminist publication or not but it is very problematic for female empowerment rhetoric. The point of feminism is for females to have the freedom to make their own choices about their bodies without being ridiculed for those choices whether they be conservative, provocative or anything in between. Clearly this article is leaning heavily on supporting the conservative side, there is nothing wrong with being modest. However to state that Amber Rose has only contributed her body to society is grossly misstated and shouts the message that any sex worker or boudoir model should be ashamed of her choices. Let us rise above shaming women for how they represent their bodies in public and let us focus on spreading positive messages and empowerment especially for the next generation. To the authors please take sensitivity training and look into sex positive feminism.

  • Elena

    pisses me off reading the backward responses of ignorant black women
    concerning Curry’s tweets about modesty. The possibility of a positive future for our women is
    being trashed by people embracing THOT as if she’s a role model and
    teaching slutty habits to young girls. I’d bet these same idiots think
    twerking is a beautiful way for black women to express themselves in
    public and in social media. You want to label women that talk about modesty as the villain and rejoice over the ones that put it all out there like a slut, all while your daughters are losing respect for themselves and each other. You have the nerve to feel disgruntled about the way black women were treated during slavery but think nothing of showing the crack of your a__ to everyone that passes by you. Oh…my bad…showing that crack is suppose to represent freedom and self empowerment. Black feminist talk about the right for THOT to express herself as she sees fit, without receiving negative feedback. Well let me enlighten you backward feminist…you are the negative feedback! You can’t have it both ways…to be treated with respect as you see fit to disrespect your body and character, or by supporting trashy actions that are destroying the reputation of what real intelligent black women represent. And don’t tell me that we should all ban together to empower black women no matter what they do! You have been fooled by the ill teachings of society. Many intelligent and realistic black women like myself will continue refuse to go live in a gutter with you and we will empower others to do the same.

  • Jalissa

    I don’t feel like she’s shaming women at all. She’s basically telling us to have some respect for our bodies. Doesn’t mean our bodies aren’t beautiful but everyone shouldn’t see everything. But if you decide that you want to show yours then at the end of the day its your choice.

  • Kitty

    Who cares? If a girl wants to express herself let her. Wether it be in a bikini or a full on nun outfit. Stop hating stop judging

  • I’m lost – did someone ask Ayesha Curry to take her clothes off or something? What initiated this debate/ discussion?

  • GSF

    Amber Rose’s Slut Walk raised $55,000 for her not-for-profit Amber Rose Foundation and other “organizations for women who have been subject to slut-shaming, a lack of implication of double standards, sexual assault, and even rape.” And the walk itself, also brought media coverage and helped to extend the conversation in the fight against sexism and abuses faced by women.

    Regardless of how Amber became famous, she is using her platform as a public figure to help fight for women’s rights, and she should be commended, not demonized by articles like this pitting women against each other.

    Ayesha Curry is 100% entitled to her opinion; everyone should be able to dress however they want. While we could dig, and find problems with what she said, it’s HER opinion. She just said barely wearing clothes is “not her style.” Khloe Kardashian, who is known for showing skin and has even posed naked (and so have basically all of her sisters) responded to Ayesha saying “I just love @ayeshacurry!!! Always staying true to you. My kind of lady. Blessings on blessings!!!”

    If Ayesha like to stay covered up and Amber Rose or other women likes to flaunt their bodies for the world to see, that’s THEIR business. Ayesha shouldn’t be called a sexist and Amber shouldn’t be called a slut. LET THEM BOTH LIVE

  • Truth0312

    I don’t think Ayesha should’ve been dragged for her opinion. However, her opinion was unintentionally sexist. And it was expressed by a public figure on a public forum, I don’t have to degrade another woman to disagree with her. This article is complete bs and more woman-on-woman hating. I’m disappointed that we, as women, still have to live as “respectable” and “decent” based on something as superficial as clothing. A scantily-clad woman is no more or less classy than one covered from head to toe. Women of the Victorian era were still raped as are some women from the middle despite being covered. The same people who label a woman’s behavior based on her clothing are the same one’s who give rapists a pass because they use that excuse all the time. Similarly, the same men and women who shame women based on appearance are the very same ones getting up arms about our young men being stereotyped as criminals based on their attire. Respectability politics never lead to respectability. You can be disrespected based upon your gender or race no matter what you’re wearing. Let’s finally be honest about that.

    • coptic777

      Her saying how she likes to dress and that she only shows off her body to her husband is “unintentionally sexist”??? Wow just wow. What a ignorant comment. Yea as a self employed black male marriage is not worth the legal and financial risk when females like you are the norm.

      • Truth0312

        Apparently, reading comprehension is not your forte. You didn’t respond to any of the reasons that I gave for her opinion being sexist and you exhibit said sexism by referring to me, a woman, as a female. *side eye* Further, you fail to show how my comment is ignorant. As a woman pursuing a masters degree, I find your opinion baseless and ill-informed.

        • coptic777

          I didn’t respond because nothing about her saying how she dresses and how much she wants to her own husband to see is sexist at all. The fact that you think her choices to do this is sexist says one thing. Professional victim…

          • Truth0312

            Professional victim? Never that. I’m simply aware of structural power systems and how they operate. As a Black man, I’d expect you to understand this. But, it’s cool. The next time one of our sons, brothers, fathers, etc. is shot in the back for being Black and wearing the “wrong” clothing; I hope you remember your comments here. I like to stay covered and “classy” for my man and I don’t wear sagging jeans so I won’t be perceived as a thug and be discriminated against are two sides of the same coin. It’s not my job to convince you, though. Carry on.

  • Menma

    Most people don’t have any morals. Majority of the women that are upset are most likely women who dress in the same manner as Amber. Probably feel salty having a comment that hit so close to home.

  • WT_jeans

    ? Who cares. I wear what I want, because I know who I am. I’m still going to be the same person regardless of whether I’m booty butt naked or fully clothed. I don’t let some man’s opinion of what I’m wearing undermine my self worth.

  • Danielle Damas

    People need to stop blaming everybody but themselves. There is nothing wrong with this article. People want to act like how they look says nothing about who they are. Well I’m sure you dont go out half naked for a job interview. Yes, everybody can do what they want but they need to shut their mouth when they dont get the results that they want too!!

  • Linda Denton

    To each her own. Give the judgement a rest already!

  • k

    Um…this article is historically inaccurate. #1: There have always been women who veer toward provocative. Since the beginning of time. Not one woman I know has decided to take their clothes off because of social media. And #2: You indirectly blame a woman’s clothing choice for her being seen as a sex object. Men can and should control themselves. We don’t have to “cover the goods” to expect right behavior from men. I’ve been to countries where women walk around naked–literally–and the men were not overwhelmed by sexual thoughts nor did they act inappropriately. It’s time we expect more from our men than acting like barbaric perverts.

    • Wizedollars

      But when sluts represent the women of your culture that is a HUGE problem

  • caffeineandpixels

    I have come to see things as never black or white, never good or bad. There’s typically more than one side to a story. Maybe it’s because I’m a Gemini. In this case, I think it’s about balance and appropriate places. There’s nothing wrong with embracing your sexuality. None of us would be here without it! There’s something to be said though for “a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.”

  • Phoxxie

    Since Ayesha was speaking about herself, I’m going to do what everybody else should be doing and that’s minding my business.

  • Wizedollars

    Slut shaming should be seen as good, if you like dysfunction you are part of the problem

  • Taylor

    Im on Curry’s side there’s no need to show every inch of yourself to the internet!!

  • coptic777

    Reading the comments and you wonder why most of you will never get married. Good luck with the “men are scum” nonsense you have been sold…

  • kuntryboi843

    women has a right to dress, carry, present, and conduct themselves however they see fit. just keep in mind that you can do that in dignified, honorable, and respectable ways or you can do it in a lesser manner. Curry is more of the type of woman that can meet my momma. On the other hand, the Ambers are females thats only used for “RECREATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY”!!!!

  • Overtymem Usicradio

    Lying down is a lot easier than getting up.