Who Was 2015’s Biggest Coon?

Coon (kun) A modern day term ascribed to black people who purposely and overtly disrespect other black people (and black culture) for the express purpose of ingratiating themselves with white conservatives for monetary gain, societal perks or simple pats on the head.

With the year almost at an end, it’s time to decide who was 2015’s biggest coon.

Let’s take a look at the contenders.

  1. Don Lemon 


CNN Tonight host Don Lemon was cooning all over the place in 2015. His coonery began to gain attention during the acquittal of George Zimmerman where he found it necessary to blame the dress style of young black males as well as other personal choices as a reason for the injustices they suffer in the United States.

2. Charles Barkley 


Ex NBA player Charles Barkley has been cooing for decades. Charles is what we like to call a professional coon. He’s currently an analyst for TNT and often use his platform to express negative views of black people. His latest rant was about the hair preference of Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose, who decided to go natural in 2015. Barkley states, “I don’t like nappy hair, it’s not a style. Get some of that green grease my grandma use to have and relax it.”

3. Raven Symone


The first woman from every continent in Africa except one, Raven Symone, is no stranger to coonery. As a co-host on ABC’s ‘The View’ she loves to voice her opinion and speak out against black people. One of her most famous rants was about how she would never employ someone with with a “ghetto” name. As if the name “Raven Symone” isn’t ghetto enough.

4. Steve Harvey


“Think like a man, act like a woman” author Steve Harvey came under fire after saying he doesn’t give a damn about slavery during a Q&A segment on his television show. Although many black fans were disappointed, he never publicly apologized. He also hired well known racist Paula Deen to mentor black boys in his youth program.

6. Diamond and Silk


Just when you thought coonery couldn’t reach its peak, Diamond and Silk appeared out of nowhere in 2015 to show their support for the racist republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Ironically, these two black supporters appeared immediately following a beatdown of a Black Lives Matter protestor at one of Trump campaign rallies.

Who do you think was the biggest coon of 2015?

  • ace

    President Obama.